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"A Whale of a Place to Be a Bunny!"

The Easter Bunny Waltz

Believe it or not, this story is set to music. When Patricia was writing the story she made up the name of the song for the bunnies.

To be sure, she did a search and found an "Easter Bunny Waltz" as composed and performed by Albert Warren Brown. Even though it was just a mention, she thought it would be nice to ask permission to use the name in her story.

Mr. Brown was thrilled and has given Patricia permission to use it. We are thrilled to have a soundtrack.

Feel free to listen to the songs as you read the story. It's really quite lovely in both versions.

Easter Bunny Waltz #42 by Albert Warren Brown

Easter Bunny Waltz #158 by Albert Warren Brown


The Secret Life of Bunnies

Easter bunny production often goes on late into the night and all sorts of conversations happen.

On one such evening, Patricia and Kathryn started talking about what the Easter bunnies must get up to at night. After a few more late evenings, Patricia decided it would be a good idea to write up the ideas for her Writer's Group. From there it developed and finally became a full-fledged story, complete with pictures, that was printed out for grand daughters' Faye and Calef. Now we're sharing it with you.

If you'd like to print out your own copy, click here for a PDF. It's formatted to print onto legal-sized paper or card stock.