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Foiled Eggs


  Carrot Bunny


 Emily Bunny

The Easter Bunny knows your name!

Make your Easter treats extra special with the recipient's name written on their bunny or egg. Maria will hand letter any name with royal icing on any suitable chocolate. Just come in, select your Easter chocolate, and tell us what you would like her to write.

Your customized piece will be available for pickup the next day. No extra charge!





The Easter Bunny visits The C Shop every year!

After Christmas, The C Shop Cafe undergoes a magical transformation changing from a homey eating establishment into the main production area for our chocolate Easter bunnies. The bunnies come in gangs, often during the dark of night, and take residence on all the shelves.

Bunny Gangs       Bunny Trays

Before long the bunny gangs have molded hundreds of bunnies of many shapes and sizes and are covering nearly every tray in the place. There are dark chocolate bunnies and milk chocolate bunnies and white bunnies, lambs, and chicks. There are chickens and eggs (which one was first?) and dogs and ducks. Cats and carts and bunnies with packs. Poodles and ponies and even a band. So many bunnies, it's a wonder it doesn't get out of hand!

C Shop Customized Bunnies      C Shop Easter Baskets

Soon after the bunnies are packaged up, some decked out in bows, and delivered to The C Shop's own candy cases and the online store. After that it's just a matter of time before you find one in your Easter basket!

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Patrick used to put on the community Easter Egg Hunt at The C Shop for many years and every year was bigger and better than the last! There were toys and snow cones for the kids and therapeutic dark chocolate for the parents. Times have changed and not all things can remain the same, but we can relive the happy moments in our memories. 

C Shop Easter Egg Hunt

If you want to learn more about how Easter bunnies are made, check out this blog post from the 2010 season or ask for a brochure when you're visiting the shop.

Regal Roger