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Deli Delights

All of our deli sandwiches are made on our fresh bread baked in house. You may notice this year that the slices, and therefore the sandwiches, are slightly larger. We've changed our loaf pans to a larger size to reduce waste and provide you with a better sandwich. We've also acquired a bread slicer so now our slices are more uniform. Bigger thinner slices make for more sandwich but not necessarily more bread.

We hope you enjoy the new loaf size and try some of our new varieties that we'll be trying out this year.


C Shop Bakery Bread


Our Standard Breads

100% Organic Whole Wheat is one of our most popular loaves. We grind the organic wheat berries right before we use it to bake this tasty sandwich loaf. A hint of honey brings up the flavor of the wheat but not enough to make it too sweet. A great way to get your daily whole grains.

Ingredients: Organic wheat berries, water, honey, salt, yeast.

Home White is the traditional American white sandwich bread. Tender crumb with a touch of sweetness make it appealing to everyone. Perfect for the quintessential peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Ingredients: Wheat, water, powdered milk, canola oil, brown sugar, salt, yeast.

C Shop White Bread


French Bread and Rolls are a popular choice for many of our sandwiches including the French Dip. Take some home for garlic bread or French Toast for breakfast.

Ingredients: Wheat, water, pure olive oil, sugar, salt, yeast.


Specialty Breads

Hamburger buns are perfect for grilled burgers on the beach. We can make hot dog buns on request. Please see the Special Orders page.

Ingredients: Wheat, water, powdered milk, canola oil, brown sugar, salt, yeast.