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Coffee Menu 

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 C Shop Cafe Home-roasted Coffee and More

We have a minor mission here on the Cafe side of things. We'd like to wean your off your "Quad Venti Skinny with Whip Iced Caramel Macchiato" or whatever it is that you normally order at the drive-thru shack. We'd like to have you experience the true flavor of good coffee, ground fresh, brewed right, and served so you can really enjoy it.

So how do we do that? We don't actually know, but we're hoping if we make it, you will come.

We start by buying Colombia Supremo green beans. Yes, really, this small seasonal outfit roasts its own coffee. Patrick has been roasting our coffee on the back porch most mornings for years. You're likely to occasionally smell the slightly acrid scent as the chaff blows off during the second crack even. He has this intuitive art mastered. Anyone can press a button on a small home roaster, but only Patrick can do the dance with 6 small air popcorn poppers. Ask him, he'll surely show you some secrets.

C Shop Drip Mocha    C Shop Whale Coffee Practice

Of course, we do have an espresso machine and we're more than happy to make lattes and iced mochas. Keith has even been trying to master the proper dry cappuccino. Patrick roasts an espresso roast as well so you won't be missing out. We also brew fresh iced tea and can make an amazing array of custom pop and Italian sodas with our homemade syrups.

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